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Charlie Flannagan Undermines Glenanne Families as they receive Death Threat

Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has said that death threats have been made against the daughter of a man that was murdered by the Glennanne Gang over 40 years ago. He stated;

“I have seen the Death Threat. It is absolutely shocking. It threatens to destabilise the Good Friday Agreement and warns of consequences for the daughter of the man that was murdered by the Glenanne Gang. I have spoken to the woman a number of times in the last few days and as you can imagine this has created extraordinary fear and anxiety”.

“Garfield Beattie who has been convicted of the murder of this man has now, it is alleged, issued a Death Threat against his daughter. This death threat has ramifications for the whole Peace Process. The Death Threat was made in the name of the “East Tyrone Ulster Volunteer Force”.

“I understand that Beattie issued the Death Threat in response to the daughter of the gang’s murder victim pursuing him for justice in the courts. As a result of the Death Threat Garfield Beattie has been arrested by the PSNI”.

“Beattie is a convicted killer who was released on licence under the Good Friday Agreement. Beattie was a member of the Glenanne Gang that was made up of Loyalist terrorists, RUC officers and British Army soldiers. They were responsible for the murders of 120 innocent Catholics. Beattie was himself a member of the British Army’s Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve”.

“Last week while I was helping the recipient of the Death Threat she had to listen to FG TD and former Minister for Justice Charlie Flannagan seriously undermine the Glenanne Families campaign for justice. It was an atrocious lack of judgement on the part of Charlie Flannagan and it was caused great hurt to families that have been through so much”.

“Over 5 years I have formally asked 3 Taoisigh to meet with the Glenanne families. I have formally asked Enda Kenny, Leo Varadkar and Mícháel Martin to meet specifically with this woman and other families. They have not deemed the request important enough to reply. In the last week since Charlie Flanagan’s outrageous and deeply hurtful intervention I have issued a request to Charlie to meet with the families. I have had no response as of yet.

By Aontú Press | 5 October, 2020

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