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"CCPC Needs To Seriously Tackle Petrol Price Fixing" - Nelligan

Aontú representative for Castletroy, Eric Nelligan, has criticised the practice of petrol price fixing.

Speaking today, Mr Nelligan said "Petrol station owners engaging in price fixing is not being taken seriously enough by the State's competition watchdog, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)"

Mr Nelligan continued "Not that long ago, in March 2022, the CCPC was forced to send 'a stern warning on price fixing to the 'Irish Petrol Retailers Association', a body that represents petrol stations'. Reports of petrol and diesel retailers engaging in anti-competitive behaviour as fuel prices were rising almost every day due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. At the time it was widely noticed that rises in fuel were exactly the same amount as the cut in excise duty on petrol and diesel."

Mr Nelligan reports how he witnessed price fixing in action in Limerick, ''I was conscious of the price of Diesel as I needed to fill my tank up, 4 times in the space of a few hours I drove past a pair of stations across the road from each other. On my first pass, diesel was priced the same at both, €1.83. On the 2nd drive past, one had increased to €1.86 while the other had not changed. On the 3rd time I saw one at €1.86 while the other had now jumped to €1.87. On my 4th and final drive both stations had matched diesel to €1.87''

''Seeing the way the prices increased angered me, it was clear that one of the stations had

increased its price twice. In a few hours, the 2nd increase was to match the station across the road. I brought my observations to the staff member and the response was that 'the boss wasn't happy to have the different prices''.

"AA Ireland figures show the average motorist is paying €1,000 more in the annual cost of running a car from 2020. This increase coupled with the cost-of-living crisis, the sharp rise in housing, the food & energy hikes that we've all noticed are having major repercussions on all our 

''Price fixing and profiteering is completely unacceptable, it's an act of cruelty on a civil population, for this reason I will report my observations to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), I expect them to follow up on what I witnessed and was told'' concluded Mr Nelligan



By Aontú Press | 19 October, 2022

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