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Following news of the major data breach in which the details of over 10,000 PSNI staff was accidentally leaked in response to a Freedom of Information request, Aontú deputy leader Gemma Brolly stated “To hear of a security breach of this level in an organisation which is responsible for security and protection of so many is extremely concerning to say the least. Many of these employees have went about their jobs with a level of privacy and confidentiality which is highly important to them, many of them would go so far as to state it is in fact necessary, and yet they have been placed in a situation where their initials, surnames, rank and location of work have been made public. The consequences of this data breach are extensive, at both a personal and general level.”


Ms Brolly continued “In the recognising the seriousness of this breach within PSNI data systems, it would be completely ignorant to not acknowledge the context of this situation. The PSNI are one of the main bodies to appeal for, and handle highly sensitive information. If the appropriate mechanisms are not in place within their own data-handling, how can data relating to the public be truly safe and secure?”


In conclusion Ms Brolly added “This shocking data breach, this breach of trust must be managed urgently and thoroughly, involving a cross-professional body to implement a rigorously secure data management system ensuring a disaster such as this never happens again.”

By Aontú Press | 9 August, 2023

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