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Bloody Sunday Soldier F named in the Dáil

Bloody Sunday Soldier F named in the Dáil


Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD has named Soldier F in the Dáil today.  Solider F has been identified by the Saville Inquiry in relation to the murder of 5 Irish people.  Tóibín who raised the name of Soldier F in relation to the latest report by the Police Ombudsman which identifies British Military collusion in the murder of 5 people at the Seán Graham bookmakers shop on the Lower Ormeau Road in Belfast. Tóibín stated;


“10 days ago Taoiseach, you laid a wreath at the Bloody Sunday Memorial in Derry. You indicated that there must be justice for these families and all the families that have had loved ones murdered in the north. 


If there is a British  Amnesty, it means there is no rule of law. If there is a British amnesty, the perpetrators will get away with murder. I attended the 50th anniversary of the Ballymurphy Massacre in August and speaker after speaker got up on the tailor and said that the British are trying to get away with murder.


Over recent debates in the Dáil I have named the victims of the Blood Sunday Massacre, The Ballymurphy Massacre, the Springhill Massacre, the murders researched in Operation Greenwich and today those discussed in the latest Ombudsman report.


Its shocking that we know the names of all those who have been murdered. Yet people don’t know the names of the people who killed them. The perpetrators names remain hidden and invisible.  


Most people don’t know the name of ******* **** better known as Soldier F accused of murdering 5 people on Bloody Sunday.  Most people don’t know the names of the other alphabet of British Soldiers who have murdered civilians throughout the north.


Taoiseach what will you do to change that”.


Earlier in the debate An Teachta Tóibín stated;  


“On 5 February 1992, the (UDA) murdered five Nationalists and wounded another 9 at the Seán Graham bookmakers shop on the Lower Ormeau Road in Belfast. Two men wearing boiler suits and balaclavas pumped 44 shots into the victims.


The names of the 5 Catholic men and boys were Christy Doherty (52), Jack Duffin (66), James Kennedy (15), Peter Magee (18) and William McManus (54).


The Police Ombudsman in the North of Ireland yesterday released another shocking report in which she detailed the murder of 11 Catholics by loyalists with the assistance of the British Military.


Her report also investigated the murders of Harry Conlon, Aidan Wallace, Michael Gilbride, Martin Moran, Theresa Clinton, Larry Brennan and Samuel Caskey in 1990.


RUC Special Branch of informants were directly involved in these murders.. Special Branch employed informants who were murdering Catholics and Nationalists. A police Gun was used by Loyalists. The Ombudsman identified eight British informants linked to the murders and attempted murders of 27 people.


The RUC destroyed files deliberately. They failed to investigate CCTV footage. They failed to search houses of suspects. The RUC failed to conduct full forensic tests on blood. They failed to test a getaway car for gunshot resin.


This report comes a few weeks after another report by the Police Ombudsman which details more murders of Catholics by loyalists in Derry and Antrim, with the help of the British Military.


The Police Ombudsman has 400 such requests for investigations be families, victims and survivors. 400 SUCH REQUESTS. 


These are citizens of the state being murdered by the state. These are Irish people being murdered by the British Military in Ireland. Not in ancient history but in our life time.


The perpetrators of these murders live in the same towns and villages as the families of the dead loved ones. Some of the securocrats who carried out this collusion are likely to still be in the pay of the British state.  


In many cases the PSNI know who carried out these murders but there is no effort to convict the perpetrators why are there no convictions.


The British Government is a signatory  to international agreements such as the Good Friday Agreement and the Stormont House Agreement. I am appealing to the Irish government to ensure that the British are forced under international law to abide by these agreements. I am calling on the government to use their position within the UN to ensure a fair investigation. I am appealing on the Irish Government to create an Historical Inquiries Team and to carry out cross border investigations as was done with the Smithwicks Inquiry.  

By Aontú Press | 9 February, 2022

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