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Becky Kealy: Investment & Garda Resources Needed In Response to Carrigaline Stabbing

Aontú Rep for Cork North-West Becky Kealy has condemned the stabbing of a youth in Carrigaline last night, and has said it is not surprising this is occurring due to the complete dearth of Gardaí and garda resources, the non-investment in youth services and community policing schemes.

Becky Kealy: "Ballincollig, Carrigaline, Charleville and Macroom are just a few towns experiencing a new wave of anti-social behavior, which leaves families fearing for the well-being of their children. This is exacerbated by the lack of Gardaí based in local Garda stations such as Ballincollig and Carrigaline, which despite large populations, are regularly closed."

"The difficulty is not simply resources, as capital gains tax showed a 10% above expectation windfall for the exchequer last year. These problems require new ideas to bring new life into our communities. I would love to shake up the system and pay some well deserved attention to the neglected corners of Cork North West."

"Drugs are being sold openly in our towns and villages. We have serious questions to ask ourselves as a society. We have neither the residential drug rehabilitation units or the necessary mental health services for our children. Towns and Villages are emptying of youth facilities and youth services. Parents need to know that their children are safe."

"I will campaign for open, fully functional Garda Stations, more Gardai for Cork North West and the necessary investment for youth services, neighborhood watch schemes and CCTV systems. We, in Aontu, wish this young lad a safe and speedy recovery and ask people not to share images and videos of the incident on social media, and we - in Aontú - pledge to do better for our communities and their safety."

By Aontú Press | 8 June, 2020

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