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BECKY KEALY: Greater Protection & Conservation Of Our Heritage Needed

Aontú Rep for Cork North West, Becky Kealy, has raised concerns over the lack of protection and conservation of Irish heritage, as historical sites like Moore Street fall further into disgrace.

Becky Kealy:

“How a nation cares for its history is a sign of its priorities and character. By that measure, our government has shown that our heritage is not high on their political agenda. Across our country, our heritage sites are fading away, falling into disrepair or being treated to the mercy of vulture funds. The house of 1916 hero The O’Rahilly was illegally demolished by a private developer, but prior to that two governments had sat on their hands and refused to give the site ‘protected’ status. Moore Street, the scene of one of the most serious battles of 1916, and where The O’Rahilly died for Irish freedom, has been neglected and ignored. The gates of an area for delivery trucks to drive into bear the the faces of our 1916 heroes and a few words, but these are faded to the point of being nearly illegible. Sandwiched between two shops on Henry street, there is a meagre little plaque marking the area where the 1916 proclamation was signed.. In Carragline, the Famine Graveyard in Carrs Hill is an appalling condition – a site where 31,000 people who died from starvation were dumped between 1845 and 1847. In my own constituency, heritage sites full of history are neglected or not highlighted enough from Kilcrea Abbey and Castle Ballincollig to Baelick Rock and Kilshannig Graveyard.

“What will it take for the government of this country to begin taking our heritage more seriously? Fine Gael can trace their party roots back to Michael Collins, and Fianna Fáil back to De Valera. Both would be ashamed of their parties if they could see the lack of respect and care they have for our heritage. It is shameful and has been allowed to go on far too long.”

By Aontú Press | 26 March, 2021

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