Aontú’s East Derry election candidate Doctor Sean McNicholl supports the nurses and their reasonable requests.

Dr. McNicholl stated:

The nurses’ strike is unprecendented. For too long nurses have been overworked and underpaid. They have always been driven by their dedication to their vocation of helping anyone in need.

“But enough is enough. As someone who has worked in several hospitals across the north, I stand with our nurses. All they are asking for is equality with their counterparts in the other NHS regions.  The main political parties’ repeated failure to stand up for nurses is responsible for the unacceptable conditions in which they have to work, and are therefore responsible for this unprecedented industrial action.

“We need to stem the steady drip of skilled nurses emigrating. Along with inequality in pay, the current situation means that nurses are carrying an unsustainable workload.

“Recently, the paediatric ward in Derry lost one of the best young nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with, leaving her family and friends in the mouth of Christmas for better working conditions and a decent wage in Australia.  We must act before the steady drip of emigrating nurses becomes a tide.”

“Aontú is committed to supporting all healthcare workers. They are there for us when we need them; we are there for them when they need us.  Support our nurses.”