Aontú councillor Dr Anne McCloskey calls on Amazon to remove Soldier F merchandise. The Derry City councillor has said:

“The sale of such items on the popular market platform is an insult to the bereaved families and victims of Bloody Sunday as well as the community in Derry. This is a matter for the courts and the public prosecution service. It should be left to the Courts to prosecute Soldier F for the murder of James Wray and William McKinney and the attempted murder of four other people This is not a matter for profiteering by Amazon.

“On the 30th of January 1972 the parachute regiment of the British army murdered 14 innocent people attending a civil rights march in Derry. It was a devastating and painful event in our history. Bloody Sunday would leave a scar on the lives of the bereaved families, the injured, and the people of Derry and Ireland that is still felt to this day.

“The parachute regiment and Widgery Report into the killings compounded the pain by falsely claiming the victims were bombers and gunmen. It took 38 years before the Saville Report into Bloody Sunday would clear the victims of those lies and expose the actions of the parachute regiment for what it was, murder.

“On the day the Saville Report into the events of Bloody Sunday was published the then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said, “There is no doubt, there is nothing equivocal, there are no ambiguities. What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. It was wrong.”

“By assisting those selling merchandise in support of this soldier you are adding to the grief inflicted on the families and community in Derry. It also calls into question your support for someone facing murder charges. I respectfully request that you remove the sale of such merchandise on your platform.”

Cllr McCloskey is asking all who use Amazon to express their opposition at the sale of these items by signing an online petition or emailing Amazon on