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All-Ireland action required for vehicle safety test delays in the north – Mullen

Aontú Councillor Denise Mullen has called for an all-Ireland approach to vehicle testing. In the midst of an on-going backlog for vehicle safety tests in the north, Cllr Mullen has called for tests to be integrated on a north-south basis.

Cllr Mullen stated:

“The current backlog for people waiting for MOT tests highlights the opportunity cost of not having a 32-county system for vehicle safety tests.

“Rather than people facing indefinite delays for MOT tests or being advised to go to Britain for a test, an all-Ireland vehicle testing system makes perfect sense and would ensure that in the future the prospect and impact of any backlog in the north is minimised.

“Particularly for people living just on either side of the border, an all-Ireland vehicle testing system would be of considerable benefit. It would make much more sense for people living in border counties to be able to avail of vehicle safety tests in corresponding counties rather than face an endless backlog in their own.

“As things stand, the current partitioned system serves no one’s interest. Instead it fuels delays and inefficiencies. Steps should be taken to ensure that vehicle safety tests in the north and south are harmonised. The Irish government should take measures to ensure that the NCT system is open to people living in the north.”


By Aontú Press | 13 August, 2019

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