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Airbnb Reforms Fail due to Government Incompetency – Tóibín

Aontú has found out that the Government plans to reform Airbnb sector in Ireland have to be scrapped du to the fact that the Government did not adhere to the EU rules. An Teachta Tóibín stated


“The Planning and Development No.2 Amendment Bill 2022 was pulled from the TRISS process. We understand that this is due to the Minister for Housing failing to notify the EU. Now the Bill is dead and wont be implemented. It means that the New Short Term let regulations will not be implemented. We must now wait until eth Fáilte Ireland registration scheme to come on line. First of all its incredible that any Irish Bill especially one of this importance would have to jump through EU hoops to be able to be implemented. Secondly, the government new the process and did not to their job right.  It is another example of Government incompetency that leading to dysfunction in the housing sector”.


“Right now in Ireland there are multiples of short-term rental properties available on Airbnb than there are long rental properties on We have a crazy situation where tourists are staying in people’s homes and yet families who can’t find homes as a result are staying in hotels. This is enormously damaging to families and young children with regards their development, nutrition, education, socialization and mental health and it is costing the state millions.”


“Its no new either its being going on for years. This is no the first failed attempt by the government either. That last time they broached this crisis with legislation it had no impact at all.  The Sort Term Rental sector has ignored previous government legislation as it has more holes than a colander. Rental income from Air bnb homes can be as high as €230,000 a year. There is no doubt that this type of income is pushing house and rental prices up in cities and towns. The government have failed to tackle the issue, which is only getting worse. It is time for the government to clamp down on this glut of short term lettings undermining our housing market.”


Aontú has introduced to the Dáil a Short Term Rental Bill as temporary measure lasting 3 years with a possible extension to 5 years aimed at increasing the number of dwellings available for long term rent. It aims to significantly house families. It aims to significantly reduce rents. It aims to shut down loopholes and make the system much easier to enforce. The Aontú Bill will, if enacted, prohibit any short term lets of non-principle residence in a town or a city with a population of over 10,000 people. The Bill defines Short Term lets as periods of time under 28 days in duration. This in effect completely rules out the function of Airbnb in large towns and cities for Short Term Lets. It is a significant reform. It will mean that those homes that Covid has forced out of the Sort Term Letting market will remain out and many more homes will come into the long term letting market.”


By Aontú Press | 7 November, 2022

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