Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has said the arrival in this country of over 100,000 passengers – 28,000 of whom are from Britain – in the last fortnight shows that the government is not serious about supressing the Coronavirus.

Tóibín: “Since the outbreak of this pandemic, we have pleaded with the government to get real about travel to Ireland from areas of high levels of Coronavirus. Leo Varadkar under the advice of the EU refused to stop people flying into Ireland from Northern Italy when the virus was rampant in that part of the world.

“Today as we see a resurgence in numbers of the virus the same laissez faire attitude remains intact. In one fortnight over 100,000 people have flown into Ireland. Of these coming in they will not have to self isolate and only a tiny fraction will be checked for self-isolation”.

“There has been no testing at airports, with a few airlines carrying out thermal screening which HIQA have stated is ineffective in many cases. The government has said it will bring in random testing – that still has not happened despite cabinet approving the proposal”.

“If the government is not going to take it seriously at the airports it sends a message to many people across the country whose livelihoods are being hammered on a daily basis. It seems this government is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the previous government, in failing to secure our airports and take the threat at our airports seriously.”